Mechanical Advantages

When compared to conventional flooded batteries with single point watering systems, Protector battery systems provide a shutoff height more than twice as far below the cell jar top. This advantage is achieved by a combination of float length, float buoyancy, and head space within the cell. The larger electrolyte reservoir and lower shutoff height provide protection against battery overflows during recharge, even if water was previously added when the battery was not in a fully charged state. This added layer of protection helps keep battery tops, vehicles, and warehouse floors free of battery acid spills and corrosion.

The mechanical advantages of Protector batteries go beyond their unique watering configuration. The European style fully-insulated bolt heads and flexible copper cable connectors protect against possible short circuits across exposed intercell connections. Bolted connections also make cable replacement safe and easy, alleviating cost of repairs in this area that is often subjected to physical damage.  The raised steel tray edge further helps to protect DC cables, flex connectors, watering systems, and ancillary devices mounted to the top of the battery from physical damage.